Money Saving Tips

1. Instead of subscribing to a plethora of magazines, consider instead that going to the library to read them may be a good idea. Not only would you be saving space and the chore of throwing them out later, you would also save money that you could have spent otherwise. This is not to say that you should not subscribe to any at all, but you can at least cut back on the expenses.

2. Instead of spending several hours a day watching TV or using other electronics, turn them off and use them less. Not only would the electric bill arrive significantly cheaper, but you may also find that your way of life has been improved. Spending more time outside, instead of watching television or using the computer, is bound to be an enriching experience. Invite friends and family over for gatherings, or take a walk in the park; the possibilities are endless.

3. If shopping for clothing is something that you enjoy, consider signing up for a particular store's email list the next time you visit. When this is done, you could receive exclusive discount and sale information, perhaps even hearing about sales days in advance so that you can plan and prepare.

4. Consider making your own gifts for people instead of running to the mall for birthdays and holidays. Personal, hand crafted presents show the person you care enough to make something especially for them. If you are unsure about what can be done, several books and websites have made it their goal to provide tips and ideas.

5. If possible, visit local garage sales to find affordable items. Many people will put usually expensive items for sale, such as furniture, out for people to buy at greatly discounted prices. The items may not be new, but they will be cheap.

6. Bottled water is not essential for successfully hydrating after exercising or a hot day. Instead of buying your water in a bottle, take a bottle that you already have and fill it with tap water. This alone can save you a lot of money.

7. Cut down on the number of hobbies you or your family members participate in; stick only to the things you feel the most strongly about. If you are collecting only because you feel you have to, or it seldom makes you feel happy no matter how hard you try, that is money wasted that could have been used somewhere else.

8. When out looking for groceries, only carry cash on hand. Doing this prevents you from going over the food budget; after all, if you do not have enough to buy something, you do not buy it. This works for any other errands, as well.

9. Buy online. In many cases you will find the same item you spotted in an offline store for much cheaper online. Keep in mind, however, that shipping costs may make this extra step to save money pointless. Try to get free shipping whenever possible.